Adventure in the Sea of fish eyes

Adventure fish in the Sea of eyes Said that the big fish and daughter, was playing in a calm blue sea, I saw three ships sailing in the run.

 The big fish: they are human beings. Small fish shouted passionately: Whitney to know where are they going! - On a journey of exploration risk. -- How I wish that such a trip!. I want to know the other bays and seas. -- Perhaps one day, not now, my dear. You are still a small risk of exploration. -- I'm not aa small as you think my mother. -- When my daughter any more largest, will be at the disposal of the entire world. And then discovered it as he pleases. Whiner said: How can there be, and I did not find anyone help me so far, at least, to get the act of play and fun!. Understanding of cancer, heard talk of small fish, are: What is the thing that we heard him Whiner? Bangkok does not take enough fun Entertainers? In your opinion, a mistake of this?. - I do not know. I want to do an exploratory trip, and my mother says I am still small, and to wait until more. Gull participated in the modern bird, and said: also on the right. - I see you standing in front of you are also my desire, nor help me. -- Lest you have lost your way best, and we do not want you to do so. The fish were small protest: Fadel will not take up my way. Why do not you see that I am big enough to do adventurism I want? It is, however, felt by anyone, Winslow outside the Gulf toward the unknown, glimpsed one of those ships sailing, which saw her mother was before. Rosary quickly as they can to reach it, but that their ability to Was much less than you think. Got its ship! I shouted with all its strength. He heard one of the sailors appeal, and in moments of the ship disappeared behind the horizon. Small fish felt tired and disappointed, so I decided to return to her homeland. But they had lost, not knowing how to reach Gulf, which embraces her family and friends, all around the strange and unfamiliar. While the swim confuses concern, encountered ring, I asked him: Do you know where the road to my home? Octopus shaking his body, and the extension of men in all directions, And ignored the question. Faster towards some shellfish are asleep, and ask them: We have lost the way to my house, you can help me to find?. And also did not receive an answer, to Oslo Qandil Sea: I wish us to the path Brings me to my house? Also have not received an answer of small fish, did not find it helps to arrive at their home, it is easier for everyone, not indifferent to their plight. - What do I do now, and what is fateful? Was my mother and my friends are right when they said I am a small adventure to undertake alone. Suddenly, she noted that the fish that swim around quickly enormous. Before we ask what is going on here, it has fallen considerably. Poetry Biskun water and Prodi, and learned that the shark is coming, and fish fled for fear of it. Tried shark, the need for small fish, and swallowed up. But that the insect was able to itself between rocks minutes, it was difficult for the large size of entry. When felt the demise of the threat emerging from the reservoir, it is not heeded and that all its strength behind rosary away, and found themselves in their home. In Indeed, do not know how I arrived, but knows it will not return to the adventure of a new age in this small. So she said to her mother and friends, who have welcomed them and they rejoice greatly safe return to the embrace of the Gulf

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